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Choosing a Body Shop for Classic Car Restoration or Repainting of an Older Car

In the market for a classic car restoration? When you have a car that is considered a classic, you may want to take it to a body shop to have it professionally restored. The process involves more than just a new paint job, and implies that it is being put back in its authentic condition, just as it was when it was new on the showroom floor. Not all body shops are equipped to handle a true restoration.

What is Classic Car Restoration?

A classic car is defined by the Classic Car Club of America as a vehicle between 30 and 49 years, while one between 50 and 99 years is considered a pre-antique and cars 100 years and older, an antique. Not all older cars meet the definition of “classic car.” The crucial thing with classics is that they represented “fine or unusual motorcars” distinguished by “fine design, high engineering standards, and superior workmanship.” Often costly at the time, they often have other distinguishing characteristics, based on their engine displacement, custom coach work, and luxury accessories. Other car organizations have different criteria, while some states consider it a classic after 20 or 25 years for licensing purposes.

Is Restoration Really what you Want or Need?

Restoration means that the body shop might need to tear the car apart to examine the condition of the components and either refurbish it with original parts or find reproduction parts and install them in an authentic way. If the car is updated or re-created to look like a fancy limited edition model, the work is not considered a restoration. Typically, the reason that people undertake a restoration is to create something of value for sale or to enter in car show.

Not every car is a good subject for restoration. The fact is, many old cars are just that – old cars. You may want to refurbish one and have it repainted for your son, but the car might not be considered a classic. When you are looking for a shop to work on an old car, you must be clear in your goals in order to select the right shop. Anytime your pay money to have work done, you want the shop to do an excellent job for you. However, your standards for repainting an older car that you love are different than if you have a car that meets the definition of classic and that you intend to use as a classic car. Having a 1947 Chevy is not the same as having a 1947 Cadillac 90 series.

Can your Body Shop Handle Classic Restoration?

Many body shops boast that they do custom work on classic cars. If you have a car that is a true classic, your standards should be higher to make sure that you have a finished product that is show worthy or able to command a higher price. You need to ask some questions of the shop. Specifically, you need to know:

  • What do they consider a classic car?
  • What have they restored?
  • What assurance do they offer that the parts they use are genuine?

If you have found a good shop with a track record of making older cars serviceable and attractive, you may have a great place to take your older car that you will love, but unless the shop has had experience restoring your Alfa Romeo or your 335 BMW, you might need to find a shop that specializes in the type of classic car restoration you need.

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Central Body Shop restores classic cars in the Provo, Utah area.

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Classic Car Restoration – A Quick Guide to Restoring Your Classic British Sports Car

Classic car restoration is a very rewarding experience and nothing can surpass the enormous feeling of satisfaction you will get when you take ‘her’ out for a spin for the first time! It can, however, be a very expensive business and, consequently, you will need to consider your budget very carefully.

Much will depend on the make and model of classic car that you intend restoring, of course, and a sensible starting point would be to conduct an informal ‘cost/benefit analysis’. This will help you determine your budget. In simple terms, it is about arriving at the right amount of money to commit to the project in relation to the anticipated value of the car, once restored. It’s much like property development in this respect. There is no point spending £250,000 renovating a house that will be worth £220,000 when you have finished and, likewise, there is little point in spending £25,000 to restore an MG Roadster that will only be worth £15,000 when you have finished.

There are people for whom money will be no object, of course, and also those for whom the sentimental value of their classic car will outweigh all budgetary considerations. But for most of us the budget must bear some relationship to the value of the car.

Once you have settled upon your budget you can then set about starting the restoration itself. Needless to say, the more work that you are able to do yourself the cheaper will be the restoration but using a professional restoration company is a realistic option for many, especially if you do the preparatory work yourself.

There are specialists in the UK skilled at restoring just about every classic car part that you will require. There are also manufacturers of new and reconditioned parts for the most popular of classic cars and so replacing a worn out part with a new one may be a cheaper option. Again, remember the ‘cost/benefit analysis’!

Choosing your restorer will be perhaps your most important decision. If your classic car has an owners’ club, seek a recommendation there. Some owners’ clubs also have their own workshop, for example, the MG Owner’s Club in Cambridge, and they will be the obvious starting point. Try classic car magazines and local shows too and, as with all such decisions, word of mouth recommendation carries a high premium.

Once you have chosen your restorer, agree the budget with them and insist that they notify you immediately should any additional work come to light. Again, keep in mind your ‘cost/benefit analysis’ when considering any further expenditure. Stay in touch with the restoration too and all being well you will end up with a classic car to be proud of!

The great news is that if you shop online for Classic British Car Parts or other Classic Car Parts you can find unbeatable deals at rock bottom prices!

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What is Classic Vehicle Restoration?

It takes dedication, knowledge and patience to properly restore classic vehicles. When a classic vehicle or truck is properly restored, it is valued at the highest possible price. Professionally restored cars also look more beautiful and run more efficiently. Proper restoration means using original or appropriate parts when making repairs or replacements. A classic car is only as valuable as the parts used to recreate it. Locating obsolete parts and making them work is part of the art of restoring classic cars to their original beauty.

When you decide to restore a classic car, enlist the assistance of professionals. Even if you are mechanically inclined, classic vehicles are a challenge to restore. Authentic parts must be used to ensure authenticity. Maintenance includes painstaking cleaning with specialized agents that won’t harm the delicate exterior and interior of your classic vehicle.

From antiques to modern classics, getting hard-to-find parts is a major job unless you deal with auto industry experts. Specialty parts and accessories dealers have access to unique original and after market replacement parts necessary to maintain your classic car.

Restoration begins with the engine, powertrain, exhaust parts and accessories. A totally restored classic car not only looks good but runs well, too. The engine should be clean and running smoothly. The transmission must be ready to run under all conditions. Exhaust systems and parts must meet current emission standards.

Once your basics are restored, you need to get the chassis, brakes and suspension in proper working order. When the engine is ready to go, the rest of the car needs to be ready to accommodate it. Part of proper maintenance is checking the fluids, chemicals and lubricants that keep a classic car running smoothly.

If you store your car for the winter or in between shows, it is essential to drain or change certain fluids. Universal joints should be freshly greased if the car has lube fittings. Grease suspension and steering fittings and pack the front wheel bearings. Bleed the brakes and replace old fluid with fresh fluid. If your classic car will be stored for several months, drain the fuel tank and cooling system and remove the battery.

Your maintenance routine is also based on where you store your classic vehicle. If your classic car is outside, more maintenance is required to keep the car in top shape. When you store your classic vehicle in a garage, it is better protected against the elements so less frequent maintenance is required.

Once your car is detailed and restoration parts are installed, protect your pride and joy with a cover. Cotton and flannel covers breathe so air circulates to keep your paint and wax looking shiny. Polyester/cotton blends trap in heat and moisture so they are less effective. Plastic covers do not breathe and should be avoided.

If you have trouble finding obsolete parts [] for your classic vehicle, look no further than This easy online resource gives you immediate access to hard-to-find parts [] so you can get your classic beauty on the road again. For all types of restoration parts and classic car products, visit today.

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Defining Your Classic Motor Car Restoration

I am sure we all enjoy viewing a classic motor car that has been restored, but what is a classic car? I guess it is a bit like defining an elephant, I struggle to define it, but I know one when I see one.

Yes it all becomes a bit fuzzy when we have to make a definition. One website I visited mentions that it must be a ‘lady of a certain age’! I guess the lady bit is referring to the vehicle (apologies to the ladies).

If you do your research you can find some characteristics that are common when people are seeking to define a classic car. We must remember of course that this is only one of the many starting points to classic motor car restoration.

If you are intending to show the vehicle then it of course plays much more importance, whereas if you are undertaking a restoration just for your own personal satisfaction then you can define your classic car just as you wish.

Some of the more common characteristics we find floating around the net, for defining a classic motor vehicle, are:

· It should be built before 1948

· Asking price is in the order of ten to one hundred times the original price of the car

· Distinctive styling, innovative and attractive

· Seeking to have historic preservation of the original

· Innovative or trend setting engineering

· Value or desirability

· Supporting documentation, such as maintenance records and sales contracts

Of course the above list is not exhaustive and you can find other characteristics, but the above list is a reasonable starting point. The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) is an excellent association for us that are enthused with classic cars and their restoration.

And of course the USA has a wonderful history of classic cars to choose from, being one of the founders of the development of the modern mass produced motor vehicle. Henry Ford and the model T are legendary.

To define your classic motor car you need to first sit down and consider the purpose of your classic car restoration (or purchase). From this you can work out if you need to satisfy your criteria or someone else’s.

Also available on the net is many books to help you both understand the history of your classic restoration and how to go about it. You can never have too much information when you are dealing with the history of classic motor vehicle.

For all the latest news and information on Classic Car Restoration [].

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Useful Tips For Starting A Classic Car Restoration Project

Classic Car Restoration

When purchasing a classic car you need to establish what work needs to be done and list the parts that you are going to need.

Assessment of body work.

What work is needed to be carried out?

Is it a replacement or repair?

Can you carry out the work yourself or will you require professional help?

Do you have all the specialist tools needed to carry out the repairs and work?

Do you have all the correct certification to carry out the work? Welding work will require a certified welder to carry out the work.

Do you have adequate space to carry out the work required?


How much time can you devote to your restoration?


What is the estimated cost taking into account the timescales you have given yourself?

How much money do you have to restore your car?

How much work will you have to do yourself?

Road Tax

Is the car permanently off the road? If it is not of a certain age will you need to make the car SORN whilst carrying out the restoration?

Acquiring parts

To purchase parts for your vehicle maybe difficult as many parts become discontinued stock.

It maybe possible to replace the part with a modern alternative.

Second hand parts could be an option although if you can find the part you need it maybe in the same condition as the one you already have.

Where to find parts.

There are many ways to find parts if you are restoring on a shoe string.

Car parts suppliers.

Some modern suppliers may still have certain parts. Most parts after a certain period become discontinued, although there maybe a modern equivalent that is suitable although not authentic. You might even be lucky and there might be some old stock!

Specialist car suppliers maybe your next option as they specialise in classic cars.

Newspapers and newsagent windows

You never know what will be advertised. You may want to advertise a Wanted space yourself, but that can be costly. If you want to keep the costs down ask them for a late space advertisement. If they have spare spaces to fill and you can negotiate a better advertising rate.

Newsagents window are cheap and effective although localised. Keep a look out for adverts in your local newsagents for garage clearances, motor parts and vehicles for sale.

Car magazines

Car magazines can be costly but great for information. Have good look in the shop to make sure you have the right magazine to suit your car. Many of the magazines are now online and you may be able to find out details of specialist repairers and restorers free of charge.

Another cheap way of buying car magazines is to have a look at boot sales and local newspapers. It is amazing what information, books or manuals you can find for very little money.

Scrap yards

Get to know your local scrap dealer or car breaker. Tell them what you are looking for and they can contact you if anything suitable comes in.

Specialist car parts suppliers

Car Associations

Their members have been there and done it. You can find out details of associations in specialist classic car magazines and on the web.

They will be able to provide you useful advice. Possibly have access to parts and specialist repairers.

Car jumbles

Look out for car jumbles or classic car jumbles. They are always great to have a look round and you never know what useful part or tool you will be able to pick up.


The web is a fantastic source of information. The internet provides copies of manuals, reference books, association feedback, newsletters and forums as well as purchasing essential items such as parts, tools and specialist classic car insurance.


Do you have the correct cover for your classic car whilst being restored to its former glory and when roadworthy? It is important to check with a classic car insurance broker for advice.

Dave Healey is a regular writer and contributor about classic cars and car restorations at Car Blog [].

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Finding Local Car Auctions and a Great Car

When looking for a great car, and a great deal, finding local car auctions should be your first step. There are a number of different types of local car auctions. Government vehicle auctions are typically scheduled to auction off property that’s been seized for some reason, often back tax liabilities or bankruptcy issues.

They can come from the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Customs, or the U.S. Marshal Police impound auctions are used by cities to get rid of property that’s been abandoned or seized by the police department for illegal activities like drug dealing. Dealer auto auctions are regularly scheduled auctions where auto dealers can buy or sell inventory automobiles, and most of the finance companies are represented at these auctions as well. The lenders sell their off-lease units and repossessed vehicles at local car auctions.

With local car auctions that regularly take place, the value for these vehicles at auction is lower than any other place. Generally, the prices are lower for those models which are plentiful at auction and higher for those that are rarer. For instance, if there are hundreds of Ford Taurus models running through an auction that are off-lease, they likely will sell at the auction inexpensively. Likely, you’ll see lots of managers from local Ford stores snapping those up at dealer auto auctions. Cars that have been confiscated and are being sold through government vehicle auctions or police impound auctions are typically unique, and the prices will be higher.

To find the best deal on the type of car you’re looking for, check out the local car auctions in your area. Local car auctions most often are not publicized, so you will have to do a little legwork to find them. The auctioneers know one thing: when there is a large crowd at local car auctions, the price for each vehicle goes down. Hence, advertising auctions is not on their priority list.

Once you find auctions, how do you get a great deal? Auction houses frequently post listings of the cars to be auctioned ahead of time, and you’ll want to get your hands on that. Then, check the NADA wholesale value of the cars that you’re interested in, so that you’ll have a good idea of what the cars are worth. If the local car auctions listing gave you VIN numbers of the cars, run those that most interest you through Carfax to determine any accident or odometer issues. This will also give you information on where the car came from, and if it has warranty time left. Go to the auction venue early and look over cars that you are particularly interested in purchasing so that there are no surprises later. Most auction houses allow pre-bid inspections.

Local car auctions start early in the morning, and you should be prepared for conditions in the auction barn. Frequently, it will be very hot or very cold, depending on outside weather, so dress accordingly. Each car, in turn, will be run through the auction lanes and be sold to the highest bidder. Keep your eyes open and pay attention, similar cars will be running, and you don’t want to buy the wrong one. One final and important thing: no matter how much you like a car, do NOT pay more than NADA wholesale value. The whole point of buying from local car auctions is to get a great deal.

Denise Gabbard

Search Local Car Auctions [] In Your City!

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Car Auction Prices – Get the Best Deal Today!

Participating in auctions is serious business for many people. Auctions may involve a wide range of products from expensive jewelry to even cars. In a car auction prices of the cars are determined by the bidding process in which bidders place their bids for the auctioned car.

On most occasions, once the bidding amount reaches the highest point, the auctioneer formally closes the auction and declares the person with the highest bidding amount the winner.

The auction can be organized by the car owner, a finance company, a car company or a car dealer. The auction is mostly held for either the most expensive and vintage car or for one which has previously been used by a car owner. According to auto experts, car auctions are a good option when it comes to owning a car at reasonable rates.

One has to be however; extremely cautious and smart while participating in such auctions as haste and lack of knowledge about the whole procedure can lead to losses.

Some of the advantages of going for car auctions are as follows:

  • The car auction prices are highly elastic and by participating in a good car auction, one can afford an expensive car that fits into the budget.
  • Car auctions are especially good for people who are looking at buying used cars. The deals are indeed lucrative and hard to miss.
  • There is one kind of car auction in which the car is sold to the lowest bidder. In this form of car auction prices may drop to unbelievably low points, making it easy for the interested car owner to afford an expensive car at a very modest price.

However, the customer has to be well informed and well accustomed with the norms and rules of car auctions to make the most of these auctions. Instead of going straight into a car auction with the objective to buy a car, it is advisable to first attend such auctions and observe how the car auction prices are pegged.A well informed and well prepared action fetches better results and therefore, prospective car buyers should take maximum efforts to strike the best deal. Since, price negotiation is nearly negated in such auctions, it is important to place a good bid and focus on the budget. The prospective car owner must never give into temptations and exceed his/her budget.

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The Best Car Auction Sites on the Web

Is it time to get yourself a new car? Before you make trips to various car junkshops around your town, we have great news for you: You can now buy quality second hand cars online!When purchasing a car, one has to consider a lot of things. One has to consider the quality, the make, and of course, the price it is offered at. Car auction sites are a great source for great cars, since most of the cars being auctioned are of good and working condition. These websites are a plenty, and you may even find that some of these websites can be located near you.

Here are the best car auction sites on the web:

1. Gov – Auctions

Gov – Auctions is dubbed as ‘America’s most trusted and largest resource’ for pre-owned cars. Cars sold here are pre-owned by the government and police, as well as seized cars, SUVs, and trucks. The pre-owned cars sold here are well-maintained and in excellent conditions, for most of them or only two to three years old.

Gov – Auctions is indeed the best when it comes to value and quality. The cars here are sold at around 95% off their value! Many auctions here start for as low as $100. This is unarguably the best site when it comes to car auctions. You can visit this site at

2. Auctions Pass

Auctions Pass’ site ( is easy to navigate and very user friendly. It has a great selection of cars. From SUVs, to sedans, to luxury cars, to vintage cars—they have everything. They even sell real estate, boats, vessels and other properties.

The website has a search engine that is quite easy and convenient to use. You can easily look for your desired car brand, make, year, color and more! Plus, it offers a money back guarantee, so you are assured that you will get a great quality car.

3. Seize Cars

Seize Cars is another one great site when looking for great and cheap cars. Seize Cars has an enormous collection of cars, SUVs, trucks, with many different makes and brands available! Bidding for your dream car is a snap with this site, for this site is easy to navigate and easy to access. To access this site, go to

4. GSA Auto Auctions

GSA Auto Auctions ( is a hassle-free and no-fuss website, and it has everything you need on its main website. You can select your desired type, make and model, where the search engine comes up with results of your desired car.

GSA Auto Auctions holds the auctions live, so to know the schedules of the auctions, select your state, preferred auction house, and available date. It will then come up with the results that will fit your availability the most.

5. Car – Auction

Car – Auction has thousands of cars that were previously government owned from confiscations and foreclosures. This is one of the best car auction sites you can find online, thanks to its wide car selection. It is no frills, and it gets right down to business: selling you quality cars at a great price!

The article written by Zarqoo Zaimoo. Please visit Car Auction Sites [] for more information.

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Online Car Auctions – A Simple Guide to Buying Cars at Online Car Auctions

We have all heard of eBay right? Online car auctions are actually very similar to the bidding process you will find at eBay. Almost anything tangible can be auctioned off online and it sure is a great way to find bargains indeed.One of the benefits to buying cars through online auction is that the inventory of possibilities is endless so you really have the opportunity to shop and bid smart, there is never any reason to rush into a purchase considering the availability of supply.

When it comes to buying cars at online auction, there are some potential drawbacks one of which is the all important fact that you really can’t inspect the vehicles yourself. Other than that buying cars at an online auction involves the same process from registration on through to bidding and finally settlement should you take a bid.

Another important consideration is shipping; this is the other major difference between “online”auctions and “live” auctions, at a live car auction you can drive your new car away once you have settled your balance.

If you win a bid at an online car auction you’ll have to arrange shipping of that vehicle which will involve additional costs, don’t forget to add this cost as well as the auction houses 5% commission into your “max bid” figure.

Advantages of online car auctions

1) Online auctions give you a much wider “catchment area” so you have the ability to search available vehicles, makes and models within a nationwide radius. If you are buying a car from an online auction and plan on having it shipped to you, who cares where the vehicle is coming from?

2) If you are planning on going the online route and do not plan on attending live auctions than I STRONGLY recommend that you stick with Government auctions since the vehicles found here are less likely to have been seized. The majority of the vehicles up for bid are retired Federal vehicles so they will likely have clean titles and available time stamped service records….This is a very important consideration…

3) Keep in mind that the vast majority of Government car auctions are the traditional live auctions however you can gain access to legitimate “online” Government auctions if you are a member of a Government car registry. Membership fees are typically a one time ordeal and generally range between $30-$50.00 dollars for a lifetime membership.

4) Government online car auctions will make a full disclosure of the condition of their vehicles and will provide lots of pictures detailing all of the known trouble spots. You will also have full access to customer service and auction consultants as you would at a live auction.

5) Online government car auctions are no different than live car auctions in that the auction itself will generally require a 5% buyer’s premium so make sure that you read the online registration policies and bidding rules so you don’t go in half hazard. Most online car auctions will require you to make a refundable deposit before you can begin bidding, keep in mind that all bids are final as they would be in the case of a live auction.

In Closing:

The majority of Government online car auctions make a real effort to ensure that the cars they have listed are high quality well maintained vehicles. Just remember that all car auctions weather on or offline are a buy “AS IS” environment so it is critical that you do your homework.

Personally, I prefer live Government car auctions versus online car auctions; I just don’t feel comfortable buying a car that I haven’t inspected myself. Also keep in mind that there are many more live traditional Government car auctions available than there online counterparts. I look at this as fishing where the fish are, there is far more supply on the traditional side than there is on the online car auction front..

Jack Polard as a hobbie buys and sells cars that he purchases at public auction, for him there is nothing like the great satisfaction of walking away with a vehicle that he purchased for below it’s trade in value.

As Jack always says “Getting ripped off can only happen in the absence of solid research” You must do your homework in order to be successful at auction, it isn’t for everyone…

We would highly recommend that as a start, you take the 5 day auction course available through this resource that Jack has put together, just click the link below for immediate access….

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Internet Car Auction – Get the Answers to Your Questions

Internet Car Auctions are programs that you can join to get information about upcoming auto auctions. Some of these programs also come with a guide to help you make you better at bidding within the auctions. So if you want to make your next vehicle purchase through an auto auction to save money, becoming a member at an internet car auction program is not a bad idea.

Why are these vehicles so cheap?

Everyday, many people who think they can afford brand new vehicles end up getting their vehicles repossessed due to not being able to pay off their loans or leases. These vehicles will get auctioned off seeing how the banks have no place to store them and are focused on just getting their money back. They don’t care about making a profit off of these vehicles. They just want to get rid of them.

People who have access to these car auction resources have the chance to purchase vehicles at very low prices. These auto auctions are also being taken advantage by many dealers who buy the cars as low as 90% off retail and turn around and sell them at their dealerships.

Are there any car auctions online that have repossessed cars to bid on?

If you’re not interested in bidding on vehicles at traditional auctions, you have the option to bid on vehicles at online auctions. When you join an internet car auction database or program, you will have access to both online and offline auto auctions.

Are the vehicles at these auctions in good condition?

Yes, usually the cars being sold at these car auctions are only 2-3 years old with only about 25,000-40,000 miles on them. Many of the vehicles are also still under warranty under the manufacturer.

I’m sure you have many more questions and you can find many of your other questions answered at Gov Auctions which is one of the largest resources to provide you with online and offline auctions.

Here are some benefits and features Gov Auctions provide:

– 4,000+ Live US Auctions
– Online Federal Car Auction
– Complete Auction Guide
– Save Thousands of $$$
– Auction Contact Details
– Fast & Friendly Service
– Clean Title Cars
– Seized & Repo. Vehicles
– Listings in Every State
– 1000s of New Cars Weekly
– Gov’t Surplus Property
– IRS, DEA, FBI, US Treasury
– Luxury Cars, SUV’s, Trucks
– Auction Tutorials

Seeing how finding auto auctions can be a difficult process, this is the reason by internet car auction programs were developed. They assist people in finding auctions not only around their area, but around the entire United States. Some of these programs, like Gov Auctions also offer a guide to teach you how to become better at bidding on the vehicles you’re interested in.

Gov Auctions is the internet car auction program to join if you want to purchase a brand new or “almost” new vehicle. You will have everything you need to take advantage of these auto auctions once you’re a member of Gov Auctions.

If you would like to learn more about government car auctions Click Here. You will find all the information you need to be successful at government and police car auctions.

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