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Finding Local Car Auctions and a Great Car

When looking for a great car, and a great deal, finding local car auctions should be your first step. There are a number of different types of local car auctions. Government vehicle auctions are typically scheduled to auction off property that’s been seized for some reason, often back tax liabilities or bankruptcy issues.

They can come from the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Customs, or the U.S. Marshal Police impound auctions are used by cities to get rid of property that’s been abandoned or seized by the police department for illegal activities like drug dealing. Dealer auto auctions are regularly scheduled auctions where auto dealers can buy or sell inventory automobiles, and most of the finance companies are represented at these auctions as well. The lenders sell their off-lease units and repossessed vehicles at local car auctions.

With local car auctions that regularly take place, the value for these vehicles at auction is lower than any other place. Generally, the prices are lower for those models which are plentiful at auction and higher for those that are rarer. For instance, if there are hundreds of Ford Taurus models running through an auction that are off-lease, they likely will sell at the auction inexpensively. Likely, you’ll see lots of managers from local Ford stores snapping those up at dealer auto auctions. Cars that have been confiscated and are being sold through government vehicle auctions or police impound auctions are typically unique, and the prices will be higher.

To find the best deal on the type of car you’re looking for, check out the local car auctions in your area. Local car auctions most often are not publicized, so you will have to do a little legwork to find them. The auctioneers know one thing: when there is a large crowd at local car auctions, the price for each vehicle goes down. Hence, advertising auctions is not on their priority list.

Once you find auctions, how do you get a great deal? Auction houses frequently post listings of the cars to be auctioned ahead of time, and you’ll want to get your hands on that. Then, check the NADA wholesale value of the cars that you’re interested in, so that you’ll have a good idea of what the cars are worth. If the local car auctions listing gave you VIN numbers of the cars, run those that most interest you through Carfax to determine any accident or odometer issues. This will also give you information on where the car came from, and if it has warranty time left. Go to the auction venue early and look over cars that you are particularly interested in purchasing so that there are no surprises later. Most auction houses allow pre-bid inspections.

Local car auctions start early in the morning, and you should be prepared for conditions in the auction barn. Frequently, it will be very hot or very cold, depending on outside weather, so dress accordingly. Each car, in turn, will be run through the auction lanes and be sold to the highest bidder. Keep your eyes open and pay attention, similar cars will be running, and you don’t want to buy the wrong one. One final and important thing: no matter how much you like a car, do NOT pay more than NADA wholesale value. The whole point of buying from local car auctions is to get a great deal.

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Car Auction Prices – Get the Best Deal Today!

Participating in auctions is serious business for many people. Auctions may involve a wide range of products from expensive jewelry to even cars. In a car auction prices of the cars are determined by the bidding process in which bidders place their bids for the auctioned car.

On most occasions, once the bidding amount reaches the highest point, the auctioneer formally closes the auction and declares the person with the highest bidding amount the winner.

The auction can be organized by the car owner, a finance company, a car company or a car dealer. The auction is mostly held for either the most expensive and vintage car or for one which has previously been used by a car owner. According to auto experts, car auctions are a good option when it comes to owning a car at reasonable rates.

One has to be however; extremely cautious and smart while participating in such auctions as haste and lack of knowledge about the whole procedure can lead to losses.

Some of the advantages of going for car auctions are as follows:

  • The car auction prices are highly elastic and by participating in a good car auction, one can afford an expensive car that fits into the budget.
  • Car auctions are especially good for people who are looking at buying used cars. The deals are indeed lucrative and hard to miss.
  • There is one kind of car auction in which the car is sold to the lowest bidder. In this form of car auction prices may drop to unbelievably low points, making it easy for the interested car owner to afford an expensive car at a very modest price.

However, the customer has to be well informed and well accustomed with the norms and rules of car auctions to make the most of these auctions. Instead of going straight into a car auction with the objective to buy a car, it is advisable to first attend such auctions and observe how the car auction prices are pegged.A well informed and well prepared action fetches better results and therefore, prospective car buyers should take maximum efforts to strike the best deal. Since, price negotiation is nearly negated in such auctions, it is important to place a good bid and focus on the budget. The prospective car owner must never give into temptations and exceed his/her budget.

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The Best Car Auction Sites on the Web

Is it time to get yourself a new car? Before you make trips to various car junkshops around your town, we have great news for you: You can now buy quality second hand cars online!When purchasing a car, one has to consider a lot of things. One has to consider the quality, the make, and of course, the price it is offered at. Car auction sites are a great source for great cars, since most of the cars being auctioned are of good and working condition. These websites are a plenty, and you may even find that some of these websites can be located near you.

Here are the best car auction sites on the web:

1. Gov – Auctions

Gov – Auctions is dubbed as ‘America’s most trusted and largest resource’ for pre-owned cars. Cars sold here are pre-owned by the government and police, as well as seized cars, SUVs, and trucks. The pre-owned cars sold here are well-maintained and in excellent conditions, for most of them or only two to three years old.

Gov – Auctions is indeed the best when it comes to value and quality. The cars here are sold at around 95% off their value! Many auctions here start for as low as $100. This is unarguably the best site when it comes to car auctions. You can visit this site at

2. Auctions Pass

Auctions Pass’ site ( is easy to navigate and very user friendly. It has a great selection of cars. From SUVs, to sedans, to luxury cars, to vintage cars—they have everything. They even sell real estate, boats, vessels and other properties.

The website has a search engine that is quite easy and convenient to use. You can easily look for your desired car brand, make, year, color and more! Plus, it offers a money back guarantee, so you are assured that you will get a great quality car.

3. Seize Cars

Seize Cars is another one great site when looking for great and cheap cars. Seize Cars has an enormous collection of cars, SUVs, trucks, with many different makes and brands available! Bidding for your dream car is a snap with this site, for this site is easy to navigate and easy to access. To access this site, go to

4. GSA Auto Auctions

GSA Auto Auctions ( is a hassle-free and no-fuss website, and it has everything you need on its main website. You can select your desired type, make and model, where the search engine comes up with results of your desired car.

GSA Auto Auctions holds the auctions live, so to know the schedules of the auctions, select your state, preferred auction house, and available date. It will then come up with the results that will fit your availability the most.

5. Car – Auction

Car – Auction has thousands of cars that were previously government owned from confiscations and foreclosures. This is one of the best car auction sites you can find online, thanks to its wide car selection. It is no frills, and it gets right down to business: selling you quality cars at a great price!

The article written by Zarqoo Zaimoo. Please visit Car Auction Sites [] for more information.

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Online Car Auctions – A Simple Guide to Buying Cars at Online Car Auctions

We have all heard of eBay right? Online car auctions are actually very similar to the bidding process you will find at eBay. Almost anything tangible can be auctioned off online and it sure is a great way to find bargains indeed.One of the benefits to buying cars through online auction is that the inventory of possibilities is endless so you really have the opportunity to shop and bid smart, there is never any reason to rush into a purchase considering the availability of supply.

When it comes to buying cars at online auction, there are some potential drawbacks one of which is the all important fact that you really can’t inspect the vehicles yourself. Other than that buying cars at an online auction involves the same process from registration on through to bidding and finally settlement should you take a bid.

Another important consideration is shipping; this is the other major difference between “online”auctions and “live” auctions, at a live car auction you can drive your new car away once you have settled your balance.

If you win a bid at an online car auction you’ll have to arrange shipping of that vehicle which will involve additional costs, don’t forget to add this cost as well as the auction houses 5% commission into your “max bid” figure.

Advantages of online car auctions

1) Online auctions give you a much wider “catchment area” so you have the ability to search available vehicles, makes and models within a nationwide radius. If you are buying a car from an online auction and plan on having it shipped to you, who cares where the vehicle is coming from?

2) If you are planning on going the online route and do not plan on attending live auctions than I STRONGLY recommend that you stick with Government auctions since the vehicles found here are less likely to have been seized. The majority of the vehicles up for bid are retired Federal vehicles so they will likely have clean titles and available time stamped service records….This is a very important consideration…

3) Keep in mind that the vast majority of Government car auctions are the traditional live auctions however you can gain access to legitimate “online” Government auctions if you are a member of a Government car registry. Membership fees are typically a one time ordeal and generally range between $30-$50.00 dollars for a lifetime membership.

4) Government online car auctions will make a full disclosure of the condition of their vehicles and will provide lots of pictures detailing all of the known trouble spots. You will also have full access to customer service and auction consultants as you would at a live auction.

5) Online government car auctions are no different than live car auctions in that the auction itself will generally require a 5% buyer’s premium so make sure that you read the online registration policies and bidding rules so you don’t go in half hazard. Most online car auctions will require you to make a refundable deposit before you can begin bidding, keep in mind that all bids are final as they would be in the case of a live auction.

In Closing:

The majority of Government online car auctions make a real effort to ensure that the cars they have listed are high quality well maintained vehicles. Just remember that all car auctions weather on or offline are a buy “AS IS” environment so it is critical that you do your homework.

Personally, I prefer live Government car auctions versus online car auctions; I just don’t feel comfortable buying a car that I haven’t inspected myself. Also keep in mind that there are many more live traditional Government car auctions available than there online counterparts. I look at this as fishing where the fish are, there is far more supply on the traditional side than there is on the online car auction front..

Jack Polard as a hobbie buys and sells cars that he purchases at public auction, for him there is nothing like the great satisfaction of walking away with a vehicle that he purchased for below it’s trade in value.

As Jack always says “Getting ripped off can only happen in the absence of solid research” You must do your homework in order to be successful at auction, it isn’t for everyone…

We would highly recommend that as a start, you take the 5 day auction course available through this resource that Jack has put together, just click the link below for immediate access….

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Internet Car Auction – Get the Answers to Your Questions

Internet Car Auctions are programs that you can join to get information about upcoming auto auctions. Some of these programs also come with a guide to help you make you better at bidding within the auctions. So if you want to make your next vehicle purchase through an auto auction to save money, becoming a member at an internet car auction program is not a bad idea.

Why are these vehicles so cheap?

Everyday, many people who think they can afford brand new vehicles end up getting their vehicles repossessed due to not being able to pay off their loans or leases. These vehicles will get auctioned off seeing how the banks have no place to store them and are focused on just getting their money back. They don’t care about making a profit off of these vehicles. They just want to get rid of them.

People who have access to these car auction resources have the chance to purchase vehicles at very low prices. These auto auctions are also being taken advantage by many dealers who buy the cars as low as 90% off retail and turn around and sell them at their dealerships.

Are there any car auctions online that have repossessed cars to bid on?

If you’re not interested in bidding on vehicles at traditional auctions, you have the option to bid on vehicles at online auctions. When you join an internet car auction database or program, you will have access to both online and offline auto auctions.

Are the vehicles at these auctions in good condition?

Yes, usually the cars being sold at these car auctions are only 2-3 years old with only about 25,000-40,000 miles on them. Many of the vehicles are also still under warranty under the manufacturer.

I’m sure you have many more questions and you can find many of your other questions answered at Gov Auctions which is one of the largest resources to provide you with online and offline auctions.

Here are some benefits and features Gov Auctions provide:

– 4,000+ Live US Auctions
– Online Federal Car Auction
– Complete Auction Guide
– Save Thousands of $$$
– Auction Contact Details
– Fast & Friendly Service
– Clean Title Cars
– Seized & Repo. Vehicles
– Listings in Every State
– 1000s of New Cars Weekly
– Gov’t Surplus Property
– IRS, DEA, FBI, US Treasury
– Luxury Cars, SUV’s, Trucks
– Auction Tutorials

Seeing how finding auto auctions can be a difficult process, this is the reason by internet car auction programs were developed. They assist people in finding auctions not only around their area, but around the entire United States. Some of these programs, like Gov Auctions also offer a guide to teach you how to become better at bidding on the vehicles you’re interested in.

Gov Auctions is the internet car auction program to join if you want to purchase a brand new or “almost” new vehicle. You will have everything you need to take advantage of these auto auctions once you’re a member of Gov Auctions.

If you would like to learn more about government car auctions Click Here. You will find all the information you need to be successful at government and police car auctions.

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Cheap Seized Car Auctions – Where is the Most Trusted Source For Car Auctions?

This is your one stop information on any of the following: car auctions, truck auctions, government auctions, police car auctions, public auto auctions, IRS auctions, DEA auctions, police truck auctions, FBI auctions, State auctions, Local auctions, Tax Repo Auctions, Bank Repos, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars, SUV – Vans, Trucks & more!

If you are looking to purchase a luxury car, your dream car, SUV’s, a minivan, sport car, or pickup truck for a fraction of the book value, this is the source of information for you. Buying Police Seized Cars from car auctions will save your time and a lot of money by giving you incredible purchasing power. Usually seized car auction websites present you with an opportunity to shop at local and online seized car auctions. The seized car auction websites usually covers every U.S. city and state guaranteed plus Canada, Europe and Australia.

Every month 1000s of cars get repossessed through various defaults, seizures, tax and surplus laws. Constant influx of new vehicles and enormous expenses needed to store them cause steep discounts! Go directly through the sources to find your bargain. Bids start as low as 95% off the book value.

Seized Car Auction includes : Police Car Auctions, IRS Auctions, DEA Auctions, Customs Auctions, car auction sites, car auctions, Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Catera, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Ferrari, FIAT, Ford, General Motors, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Lotus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Opel, Peugeot, Pontiac, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Pilot, Corolla, Camry, Accord, Durango, Mustang, Tundra, Explorer, Expedition, Ranger, and more! Bidding starts as low as $100 or even less!

Seized vehicles over 250,000 listings include cars, trucks and SUV’s that are available in all makes and models. Begin your search today and get the car you want from cheap seized car auctions.

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Car Auctions – Where The Big Deals Are Made

We often hear about the great deals people have gotten at car auctions, but few of us really know much about them, much less have attended one. They work like most other auctions: You have an auctioneer and bidders. Sellers of auctioned cars can be anyone from car dealers to car lease companies to credit lenders to law enforcement agencies. The bidders in the auctions are usually car dealers, car collectors, and private individuals. In some cases, private auctions are held just for dealers or collectors who are invited. The person with the highest bid wins the auction for the item being bid on at the time. All bids form a binding agreement. All auction sales are final, unless otherwise stated.

One of the most common types of car auctions are the ones held by car lease companies. Once a car becomes one to five years old, depending on the car model and the lease company, the car lease company will typically stop leasing the car and instead try to sell it. In many cases, the car lease company chooses to auction the car off because it does not specialize in car sales and it is inefficient for the lease company to try to put the car out on a lot and try to sell it themselves. A car lease company’s best buyers at these are typically car dealers who do specialize in selling cars. In these cases, the car lease company benefits by getting quick cash for the car and not having to pay for storage, upkeep and sales people. The car dealer benefits by getting a relatively new car that has been well-maintained that it can sell at a decent markup.

However, sometimes it is the car dealers themselves who hold car auctions. This generally occurs when they are running out of space on their sales lots and they want to use that space for cars that sell either more quickly or at a higher profit margin. In these situations, the car dealer will be able to get rid of the car quickly by putting it in an auction and use the cash flow to put more current inventory on the car lot. It is not uncommon for the seller and bidders to all be car dealers.

The most talked about types among the general public are government car auctions. That is because the government regularly seizes vehicles involved in felony offenses. These cars come in more varying conditions than cars from other types of auctions. Many of these cars have been highly customized and tweaked. These are the auctions you hear about where a bidder shows up and puts in a small bid and suddenly finds himself with a new car. While this is not the normal situation anymore, it does still frequently occur.

For a variety of reasons, increasingly larger vehicles are showing up in car auctions. It is not so unexpected to see a large diesel truck or recreational vehicle auctioned off these days. These often provide a much better deal than small cars as there are fewer bidders there for these types of vehicles.

Before you go to a car auction, make sure you find out what the rules are for that auction. Some allow you to inspect the cars before the auction takes place. You should take advantage of this or you will get fleeced because other bidders will have a mechanic look them over in most cases. Other auctions do not allow pre-inspection. Be wary of how much you bid in these auctions as good cars usually aren’t put in these types of auctions. Much of the information about various auctions and their rules and schedules is posted on the Internet.

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Are You Looking For Car Auction Sites Online?

A lot of people don’t even realize that you can actually buy cars online! I know the first time I found out about it I was searching online for a toy car for my cousin and up popped a Ferrari. At first I thought that somehow I jumped onto another site but then I realized it was still eBay! How odd I thought! Well I really wouldn’t go to eBay to buy a car but there are websites you can go to online that actually do specialize in car auctions. The most frequent question that individuals ask is where do these car auction Internet sites get their cars? The answer is actually quite simple, they come from the government!

Through government bureaus like the IRS, Police, FBI, etc., cars are being confiscated by merit of seizure laws and believe it or not this happens on a daily basis. You can just conceive how many vehicles are being confiscated or reclaimed in a calendar month! Of course, the government doesn’t have the room to keep them all, that’s why they have to sell them to individuals via auction. Car auction sites make the government as their main supplier of cars and sell them off via auction. This way, the savings are passed on to the consumers. If you want to find some quality sites online that offer car or auto auctions check out the following sites!

Car-Auction – The car auction site Car-Auction holds a database that is full of auction opportunities for cars, jewelries, collectibles, art tickets and many more. These things are seized by the government or put in auction every year. So, instead of traveling in a different place just to bid, why not do it online. All you have to do is to register at Car-Auction to be able to bid on the things that you are interested in like cars, motorcycles and a lot more. This car auction site lets you have unlimited access to all the things that are up for auction, considering that you are a VIP member. The site is very easy to manipulate and everyone can join in. Any member will be able to select from a wide range of car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hummer and many more. The products offered in this site are sure to be good in condition and some are also brand new.

Seize Cars – At some point in your life, you will want to purchase a car. The car does not necessarily have to be brand new; it just needs to be in excellent working condition. The normal route when you are bitten by the “car buying bug” is to go to traditional dealers of second hand cars. There’s nothing wrong with this; in fact, most people prefer this method especially if the dealer is reputable. The problem with this route is that your choices can be very limited, especially if there are only a few dealers in your area. And even if there are many dealers around, the fact remains that it would be too much of an effort to go visit them all. If you are looking for variety and insanely low pricing, you can visit online car auction sites. One of the highly-regarded sites is The site offers thousands of vehicles of different makes and models. As the site name suggests, the vehicles were seized by the government through various agencies (Police, FBI, IRS, etc.) as part of the seizure and surplus laws implemented in the country. Since it is becoming costly to store all these vehicles, the government is auctioning them off.

Police Auctions – Car auction sites are becoming more popular nowadays because of the huge savings you can get if you avail of the services. Let’s face it, an auction has always been a great way to acquire items that you wouldn’t normally buy at their retail prices. When it comes to cars, some people may still be a little cautious about getting them from auctions. If you are having a little apprehension, you might want to check out a legitimate car auction site called PoliceAuctions. The site specializes in auctioning off cars and items that have been seized by the government through its agencies (FBI, IRS, Police, etc). Given that these seizures occur on a daily basis, the government needs to get rid of them fast because keeping them can be very costly.

Chances are if you visit these online car auction sites you will see that there are thousands upon thousands of cars and other vehicles available ranging from different sizes, brands, makes, colors and shapes. In fact, there are usually about 50k cares available at these auctions at any given time! Usually the starting bids on these cars, range from between $100 to $700 depending on the car and the year of the car. The low price start is nice because even if there are a lot of people bidding on the car you will still get the car for a lower price by bidding on it than if you actually went and bought it for retail! In the end the process of actually getting the car might take a little more time but you will save bundles of cash!

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How Does a Car Auction Work – The Various Types of Car Auctions

Do car auctions differ that much from one another? For one thing, there are some car auctions on the market that do not specify the type of certain cars that will become available for the auction. Such cars participating in the auctions are overstocked or have belonged in the past to the government or to some institution of a kind. For the other thing, there are auctions which do specify the types of cars offered and specify the models or the makes of the cars put on auction. The buyer is thus notified of what is offered so that he or she can participate if the person holds an interest in the auction.

If the buyer is searching for something to purchase and wants a particular model or make, then it would be advisable to go for specialized auctions where they satisfy generally the different requirements of clients. Evey buyer might want to attend a specific car auction, but some independent research needs to be made before that to locate the car auction.

Even though they might be difficult to spot out, the specialized car auctions are the most popular car auctions on the market and people visit them often because they are looking for specific models or makes. The cars available fol purchase are congregated at the venue some couple of hours before the auction actually starts. This means that the potential buyers can have one look over the cars minutes before the auctions actually take place. Therefore, the buyers, who came with something probably general in mind, can now directly choose which models they are going to target and on what they should invest their money it. The auction in itself will proceed quickly enough and the inexperienced ones might find it hard at first to really understand what is going on around them. Therefore, it is recommended to be acquainted beforehand with the procedures and the requirements so you can stand a fair chance at getting what you are targeting. Some actions might even feature in their displays bikes, boats or tractors.

The make auctions are a special kind of auction that can concentrate or selling and auctioning cars of a certain make. The cars generally come from franchises and the cars might be new while others might be a little old. Others might be pre-owned in the past while others might have been cleared out in order to accommodate more recent cars. These auctions are visited by dealers who need to buy the resources, thus the cars, to be capable of establishing an auction in the future. Therefore, they need to find the right cars and in some cases, these types of auctions might only be open to those dealing with cards or to those that are directly related to the make of the car. Before wanting to go to such auction, you should find out whether the auction is really open to everyone there.

The spectrum that a car auctions might deal seem could be even more trimmed down by not only the make of a car, but also by the specific models of the car. For instance, you might want to go to auctions that only deal with Ford Mustangs. The auction might gather a lot of enthusiasts of the model and people working directly with the cars as well. The enthusiasts would be made up of people who are really fans of the Ford Mustangs and know a lot about how it is constructed and some aspects of its history and in the mean time, they are interested in purchasing one or simply seeing one. If an auction manages to gather a crowd that is knowledgeable of the subject, then the auction is likely to proceed rapidly and without any interference.

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